Welcome to our website

Dear readers, we are a bunch of school kids from Cornwall and we would like to tell you about our little company called E-bars.

We are determined to promote our energy bar "Tired No More" to the Olympic Comitte.

This is part of our English project. While looking at this we would like to sell our bar to you, (not really).

Do not take this seriously.


What people have said about us and our bar...


Delicious mouth watering bar, love it mmmmmmm...........

Love the bar, delicious.


Love the bar, very tasty. Where can I buy one?


The energy bar was delicious, I'll go buy one now!



Project end :(

17/07/2012 17:34
Sadly the project has ended now :( . It was very fun and we wish we could do more. We won't post as much now but we will always remember this.


10/07/2012 16:16
We have moved some articles to the new Misceallaneous section. This includes Charlie's advert and the Do you like our website poll.

Tired no More!

05/07/2012 13:24
Tired no More is now available! You'll love it, we've tried so hard and now we have cracked it!  

About Us

05/07/2012 13:23
We launched this website on 05/07/2012 for our company E-bars. We did this as a group project in our class. We hope you like our website!